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I am a 68 year old freelance writer for hire. I have published online with sites like, Wikinut, Experts123, Demand Studios and many others. I have also published in a number of print publications before embarking on online publishing. If you have a project that I may be able to assist you with, please contact me. You can email me at or Skype me at Jerry.Walch1 more...

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Beginning with the 1999 Revision of the National Electric Code, all newly installed dryer and electric range circuits were required to be wired with a 4-wire receptacle. This requirement applied to newly installed circuits in homes built before 1999 and to all homes built from 1999 to the present. If you buy a new electric range or clothes dryer today, it will come with an appliance whip equipped with a 4-prong plug, which, if you live in a home built prior to 1999, will not fit the 3-prong rece...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +44 votes | 11 comments
The forerunner of the modern refrigerator was an external refrigeration unit that mounted on top of the ubiquitous “Ice Box.” invented by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1913, this first refrigerator used external plumbing to carry the refrigerant gases to the Ice Box. The problem with these units were that they were subject to gas leaks which resulted in the occupants of the home being poisoned and another problem was the constant dangers of explosions.
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +30 votes | 16 comments
Washing machines do not drain for several reasons. The pump may be defective. The pump may have a broken drive belt. The clutch that engages the drive belt may be defective. There may be an obstruction in one of the hoses or in the pump. In nine out of ten cases, the problem is an obstruction in the hose or in the pump.
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +22 votes | 18 comments
John W. Hammes of Racine, Wisconsin really loved his wife and wanted to make her woman's work easier for her. An architect by day and an amateur inventor by night, he invented and patented the first garbage disposal unit in 1927. John sold manufacturing rights to the Emerson Electric Company who introduced the new electric appliance with the nickname the “Electric Pig.” unlike our modern garbage disposal unit that employ rotary cutters to chew up the garbage fed it, the “Electr...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +22 votes | 17 comments
Do you have a pet mouse, rat, or hamster? Your cherished companion's life may be in danger if you feed him or her Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro foods. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro foods may be contaminated with Salmonella according to a FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) press release made public on April 30, 2012.
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Pet Safety | +22 votes | 8 comments
Just as the electronic ignition have replaced the old pilot light systems on gas ranges and oven/broilers, so has the electronic spark generators replaced the older conventional High-Voltage transformers on residential oil-fired furnaces. The electronic spark generators have many advantages over the old conventional HV Transformers. The electronic spark generator generate a hotter spark which ignites and burns more of the fuel oil as it is sprayed from the nozzle, which means conserving natural ...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +17 votes | 5 comments
Most people do not think of furnaces when they think of home appliances, but in the strictest sense of the word, they are appliances, just as air conditioners, washing machines, clothes dryers, and electric ranges are appliances. Like any major appliance, oil-fired furnaces may appear complicated to the inexperienced DIY Technician, but when approached in a systematic manner they are easy to understand, troubleshoot, and repair. The heart of every oil furnace is the pump and burner assemblies, a...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +11 votes | 3 comments
Like so many important scientific discoveries, the discovery of electrolytic capacitance was quite fortuitous. It happened while Charles Pollak was studying the process of anodizing aluminum and other metals in 1886. he discovered that the high capacitance that developed between the thin oxide forming on the aluminum and the electrolyte solution was a serious problem because it led to the dissolution of the oxide coating after the voltage was removed. After many long hours of experimenting with ...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +8 votes | 0 comments
Back in the day before the advent of the discreet semiconductor devices and later the integrated circuits (ICs), technician loved to get TV sets that were completely dead because they could be sure that, in 9 out of every 10 cases, the problem was with the low-voltage power supply. Back in those days, low voltage was actually higher than the 120 VAC receptacle that the TV was plugged into. With those old vacuum tube sets, the low-voltage was often 350 to 400 volts DC that was required by the vac...
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +6 votes | 2 comments
Although home appliances and entertainment electronics are plugged into wall receptacles supplying 120-Volts AC, much of their internal circuitry now operates with low-voltage Direct Current (D.C.) voltage. The 120-Volt Alternating Current (AC) supplied by your home's electrical system is transformed into low-voltage DC by the use of step-down transformers and silicon rectifier diodes. The PN-Junction diode is the simplest of all semiconductor devices to manufacture and to test.
Published by Jerry Walch 65 months ago in Appliance Repair | +13 votes | 6 comments
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